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Hearty congratulations!! The management and Principal congratulate all the staff and students of grade XII for 100% result and securing 100% first class.    NCFE is hiring. Visit career page to know vacancies available.

National Centre For Excellence

‘Making your child life-ready’

Schooling is the stage in a child’s life when they learn not only academics, but also incorporate in themselves life changing positive traits. A child’s life can be transformed at school along with the combined support of the family. A good start to a child’s life is through a strong foundation – Education.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • To provide a judicious combination of academic
    excellence, character building and personality
    development through value-based education.
  • To prepare the children to face the challenges of
    modern life and pursue education studies with a sense of
    direction and purpose.
  • To improvise the school curriculum on a regular
    basis and keep in pace with the advances in the field of
    teaching and education.

Our Mission

Purpose of NCFE is to make your child

  • Life ready
  • Self confident
  • Independent
  • Self disciplined
  • Responsible
  • Take initiative
  • Innovative
  • Respect self and others
  • Respect mother Earth
  • Academically strong
  • Be self leaders
  • Be great leaders
  • A good decision maker who can take ownership for their learning and decisions




On the 24th of May, at 10.30 am, Ms. Sudha Thimmiah , conducted a session for all the teachers of National Centre for Excellence, on “Depression and Anxiety” in the school auditorium. She was accompanied by the Principal, Mrs. Prabha Balasubramanian, National Centre for Excellence and Ms. Divya, an intern from the Live Love laugh Foundation.

The main objectives of the session were to address and combat depression by bringing in awareness. Sensitization was an important factor, played by, educational institutions like NCFE.

Ms. Thimmiah appreciated our school and team for its infrastructure and ambience. She was representing ‘Live, Love, Laugh” foundation founded by Ms. Deepika Pakone.


Aryan R.A of class IX ‘A’, came 2nd runner up in the Inter School Golf tournament, held by the Canadian International School on Friday, 4th December 2015.


Aryan Anand at Zion Hills Golf Country

Aryan Roop Anand at Zion Hills Golf county.

When I first saw this kid at the KGA almost 4 years ago, I knew there was something really special about him. We started to work together a few months later and I feel that we are in a good place at the moment. He dominated the South Zone in D and C categories and has a great work ethic coupled with oodles of talent. Today he played the pro pool with some of Bangalore’s top pros and won with a 2 under par 70. Presenting Aryan Roopa Anand, definitey a name to look out for in the world of golf






The campus was buzzing with excitement at the notion of having a math session in the auditorium. A brain child of our Principal, the event was held on 6th of November, 2015 and the audience consisted of young and curious ones/minds from standard 6th to 9th standard. The auditorium was reverberating with excitement. The host school welcomed the conductors, Vedantu with a big round of applause.

The session was also attended by the enthusiastic math teachers too. The group from Vendantu ensured that it was an interactive session. The enthusiastic students were taught or given guidance to solve mathematical problems based on logical reasoning and not assumptions.

Mathematical enthusiasts were given a chance to answer the questions and provide explanation to their answers. An hour was too less a time for all the questions our young minds had. It was indeed an afternoon that was well spent at school and this was reflected in the vote of thanks presented by Vijayalakshmi from 9th standard.







A special assembly conducted at NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE threw light on the importance of gaining freedom from the shackles of our body and mind. The celebration of the 59th Kannada Rajyostava at our school aimed at building social awareness among children. The Utsav of the Rajya called for a social standing that broke the narrow walls and thoughts of mankind. The speech and thought by our students invited young minds to rise above all the social evils.

We were reminded by our students, during the assembly that it is the phase and time in the history of mankind where he believes that he can conquer anything he wants and needs. The central idea mentioned above could not have been introduced at a better time or place. Karnataka as a state has emerged to be one of the top players in the social, economic and political field. In the melee of things let us reconcile to the fact that we are a race that needs to rise above the horizon and transcend beyond the boundaries.

Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale.

– Elsa Schiaparelli.

The students of 12th standard at NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE were provided with an opportunity on 6th of November, 2015 to think out of the box and be creative. They were asked to ‘COOK WITHOUT FIRE. The idea was to provide a common ground and a universal experience to all.

Like Paul Prudhomme rightly said ‘You don’t need a sliver fork to eat good food’. It was food that soothed the mind and body alike. The students who are academically inclined at all times welcomed the pleasant change with open arms. The food reflected the passion and love for ‘right eating’. The food was also presented in the most elegant manner and saw our Judge, Mrs Prabha Balasubramanian appreciate the effort taken and was overwhelmed at the aesthetic sense of the children.



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