I’ve been in NCFE since the 7th grade all the way up till my 12th grade. In these five years, I made some of my best memories and the best of friends. While I did have tons of fun and enjoy my schooling at NCFE, I’d like to point out how helpful the teachers here are. Throughout my 10th grade, they were always ready to meet us after school hours or on weekends to clarify doubts for our upcoming board exams.

They do even more of this in the 12th grade! I remember going to school every other day during my long study leave and writing sample papers and getting them corrected by the teachers immediately. The teachers also helped immensely when I told them I would be applying abroad. Applying abroad requires a lot of extra work, recommendation letters, score reports and sealed transcripts were always ready to be picked up two days before I had asked for them. Even with all the extra effort the teachers had to put in, they did not complain once and always did it with a smile. Our principal, Mrs. Prabha Balasubramanian helped tremendously with my score reports and signed my transcripts promptly despite her busy schedule! NCFE is definitely the sole reason I achieved my goal of studying abroad. I’m now studying pre-medical sciences in the University of South Florida at Tampa Bay and I’m indebted to every teacher at NCFE who helped me accomplish this.

Thank you Ma’am.

Sudarshan Krishnamurthy