Accolades & Awards

Profile of Aryan of Class VII A


Date of Birth: 21st December 2001
Name: Aryan Roopa Anand
Playing Golf since: 2010
Coach: Mr. Tarun Sardesai
Nutritionist: Mr. Ryan Fernando
Physical Trainer: Mr. Prateek
Physiotherapist: Mr. Muthu
Parents: Mr. Anand Kumar and Mrs. Roopa Anand


Kodaikanal India Cements – South Zone Junior Golf Tour Second
Ooty South Zone Junior Golf Tour First
Coorg South Zone Junior Golf Tour First
Mysore South Zone Junior Golf Tour First
Chennai Guindy – South Zone Junior Golf Tour First
Chennai TNGF – South Zone Junior Golf Tour First
Bangalore South Zone Junior Golf Tour First
Bangalore Albatross First
Bangalore Hogwash Junior Golf Tour Second

• Ranked No.1 in South Zone “C” Category 2013.
• Ranked No.9 in All India Nationals “C” Category 2013.
• Ranked No.10 in U.S Kids Malaysian Tour “D” Category 2012.


Students of National Centre for Excellence have achieved great heights due to their determination, hard work and desire to travel the road less taken. The school acknowledges the special talents that each and every child is blessed with. Hence, it plays an important role in nurturing these talents, giving the child a chance to escape the fetters of rigorous and passive learning and to soar high into the sky.


Xtreme Calculations is an educational math software designed with a Windows desktop-style interface for easy use. Development of the software began around April 16, 2012, and the latest version is 18.4.1. It provides many features, which are categorically placed under various headings like Equations (which contains Linear, Quadratic, Cubic and Bi-quadratic equation solving as well as graph plotting for functions), Main Calculations (calculations in binary, and main functions like trigonometry), etc.

While the Desktop provides the links to the major “apps”, the Start menu shows the full range of features in Xtreme Calculations. Also for convenience is a “Quick Links Menu”, which can be triggered by clicking the button on the extreme right of the software’s taskbar.

The software targets people of all ages and careers, including math enthusiasts, school-going children, college students and business professionals, to hopefully instil in them, a love for math; and to show that the subject which sounds so boring, can be really fun.

This software was developed by the Rahul Yedida and Vaisakh M of class XI, and it is currently in it’s 19th version. Xtreme Calculations, was developed with the objective of providing users, ranging from students to professionals, an effective and efficient tool to assist them in their studies, research, work, etc. Read on to see what makes XC different:

  • Interface: XC provides a Desktop like interface which neatly arranges the features categorically in an organized manner. This helps the user to access a feature with much ease and also adds on to the visual appeal. Check out our site to know more about changing themes.
  • Features: As stated before, here is what makes the XC Feature Package ‘Innovative’! Well, the feature package has been developed in such a manner that it equips every ‘Math Enthusiast, Student, whether at the school or college level, and even a hardworking and passionate Professional’, with every essential tool required to improve their performance. Take a look for yourself…
  • Leisure: Here is something to give you a break from long working hours (or study hours), an in built Leisure app which includes games and much more….
  • Learn: The highlight of Xtreme Calculations 19 Teachers’ Edition (the latest version) is the learn app. This app contains tutorials which explain certain concepts in an easy to understand manner, which can be used by teachers and parents effectively to teach their children.
Vaisakh-M-1 Rahul-Yedida
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our beloved teachers, by dedicating this version of Xtreme Calculations, as a teacher’s edition. All our teachers have been very supportive. Even teachers who may not have taught us, have always extended their support through their encouraging words. The dedication shown by our teachers in bringing out the best in every child, cannot be expressed in words. We sincerely dedicate XC 19 Teachers’ Edition as a tribute to our Beloved Teachers.