Attention dear parents! A page from the diary of a XI std student

Dear diary Messi,

Yeah, I was right my parents have finally decided, they want me to take Science with Maths.

You tell me…how will I cope???

Football is my passion and surely do not like ChemistryL. Will I be able to do justice to the subjects line Maths, Physics and Chemistry?

Why CAN’T my parents understand???!!! Do I have any choice at all? No, not at all.

Now after taking Science and Maths combo I will be shuttling from school to tuition class. No time for Football training and practice. I love to be outdoors in the playground but will be forced to study.

“Focus.. study hard…work harder, will be my parents slogan.

Have they really given a thought to my feelings and interest??!!

Mama has no say in front of my Papa and he is busy on his official tours.

What do I do? With whom do I share my frustration and disgust?

Anyhow I am not going to give up!! I will inform my mom about my interests and share my feeling with my dad when he returns.

Hope good sense prevails in them and I will surely not give up my Football.

Give me freedom, give me fire…. Give me reason to take me higher…


Bye Messi.

Mrs. Shakunthala A Bhandarkar

Counselor and Class Teacher XI A


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