I’ve been in NCFE since the 7th grade all the way up till my 12th grade. In these five years, I made some of my best memories and the best of friends. While I did have tons of fun and enjoy my schooling at NCFE, I’d like to point out how helpful the teachers here…

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EDUCATION: The Powerful tool

Whenever we use the word education, along with it comes references to its importance, methodology, and most importantly, students’ attitude towards it. This is the most important attribute when talking of education as it is obvious that a student willing to learn, learns better. A student unwilling to learn, doesn’t learn at all. If we…

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The main objective of education is to acquire knowledge. This knowledge is the small brave flame that shines bright driving away the darkness of ignorance. Ignorance is not bliss in adulthood. Deceptive ignorance causes complications in man’s life. ‘Knowledge is power’ and rightly so, for it gives you the power to think, question and arrive…

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