I’ve been in NCFE since the 7th grade all the way up till my 12th grade. In these five years, I made some of my best memories and the best of friends. While I did have tons of fun and enjoy my schooling at NCFE, I’d like to point out how helpful the teachers here are. Throughout my 10th grade, they were always ready to meet us after school hours or on weekends to clarify doubts for our upcoming board exams.

They do even more of this in the 12th grade! I remember going to school every other day during my long study leave and writing sample papers and getting them corrected by the teachers immediately. The teachers also helped immensely when I told them I would be applying abroad. Applying abroad requires a lot of extra work, recommendation letters, score reports and sealed transcripts were always ready to be picked up two days before I had asked for them. Even with all the extra effort the teachers had to put in, they did not complain once and always did it with a smile. Our principal, Mrs. Prabha Balasubramanian helped tremendously with my score reports and signed my transcripts promptly despite her busy schedule! NCFE is definitely the sole reason I achieved my goal of studying abroad. I’m now studying pre-medical sciences in the University of South Florida at Tampa Bay and I’m indebted to every teacher at NCFE who helped me accomplish this.

Thank you Ma’am.

Sudarshan Krishnamurthy

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Attention dear parents! A page from the diary of a XI std student

Dear diary Messi,

Yeah, I was right my parents have finally decided, they want me to take Science with Maths.

You tell me…how will I cope???

Football is my passion and surely do not like ChemistryL. Will I be able to do justice to the subjects line Maths, Physics and Chemistry?

Why CAN’T my parents understand???!!! Do I have any choice at all? No, not at all.

Now after taking Science and Maths combo I will be shuttling from school to tuition class. No time for Football training and practice. I love to be outdoors in the playground but will be forced to study.

“Focus.. study hard…work harder, will be my parents slogan.

Have they really given a thought to my feelings and interest??!!

Mama has no say in front of my Papa and he is busy on his official tours.

What do I do? With whom do I share my frustration and disgust?

Anyhow I am not going to give up!! I will inform my mom about my interests and share my feeling with my dad when he returns.

Hope good sense prevails in them and I will surely not give up my Football.

Give me freedom, give me fire…. Give me reason to take me higher…


Bye Messi.

Mrs. Shakunthala A Bhandarkar

Counselor and Class Teacher XI A


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EDUCATION: The Powerful tool

Whenever we use the word education, along with it comes references to its importance, methodology, and most importantly, students’ attitude towards it. This is the most important attribute when talking of education as it is obvious that a student willing to learn, learns better. A student unwilling to learn, doesn’t learn at all.

If we think of the people who are going to make such an impact in our lives, inspiring us to learn, and helping us anytime, anywhere, it has to be our teachers. They make a huge impact in our lives, and after our parents, it is they who help us almost throughout. Now arises the question, how does a teacher help in assisting a student to learn?

The answer to this is obvious, though it may not seem so at first sight.


It is our teachers who inspire us, right from kindergarten till the time we pass out of school. It is our teachers who guide us, right from our early years till the time we are mature enough to go out into the world. It is our teachers who groom us to become a better person, in a humane way. In short, they do everything that is absolutely necessary for us to be ready to explore and stretch the dimensions. In every student lurks a huge talent, a lion waiting patiently to burst forth, and it is our teachers who assist in it bursting forth.

Children’s attitude towards education is a very important characteristic, because it is obvious that education shapes your life. Would you rather start a sweet shop than a business? The answer is, obviously, no. A better and more positive attitude towards education ensures a more positive outcome in your overall life, whereas a devil-may-care attitude towards it can destroy your life. People’s lives can be affected for the worst if we don’t care about education, as it is, as said above, something that shapes your life.

To summarise, education is a very important “word” in itself, and the attitude of students towards it shapes their life. It decides what they become as human beings, and also how successful they are later in their life. And it is indubitably our teachers who assist in our learning, and shaping a positive attitude towards education. Finally, as Nelson Mandela rightly said: “Education is the most powerful weapon. We can use it to change the world.” And within everyone lies this potential to make a huge impact in general and it is up to themselves to channel it.

Ram Padmanabhan,


National Centre For Excellence

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The main objective of education is to acquire knowledge. This knowledge is the small brave flame that shines bright driving away the darkness of ignorance. Ignorance is not bliss in adulthood. Deceptive ignorance causes complications in man’s life. ‘Knowledge is power’ and rightly so, for it gives you the power to think, question and arrive at the solution to problems which present themselves, but knowledge itself will not suffice to enable one to face life’s hurdles, it’s application is what counts in the end. So education should always look at the two aspects of gaining knowledge and then applying it for use in all practical purposes.

Nelson Mandela said,“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Revolutionary ideas sprout from the humble seeds of education. Cultivating ignorance is the massacre of brilliant ideas for, education is that spark that lights the fire; a dream. No one should be denied the right to education, simply because it is the driving force that takes nations, populations, the entire world closer to the goal of world peace, elimination of poverty and the guarantee of a better future for humanity.

Education is a tree, and the branches you can choose to climb are many. One may pursue academics, sports and various arts which help in imbibing life skills. By pursuing varied interests, a student steps out of the monotonous one dimensional plane of existence into the vibrant multi dimensional world. As individuals in a society, our aim should be to blossom into courteous, grateful people who uphold the principles of co-operation and goodwill. In his famous speech at Stanford, Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to have trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future.” Thus it is of the utmost importance to pursue one’s education with passion and explore the many branches of education but all the while remaining firmly rooted to your principal goal. In the words of John Dewey, “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.”

Aparna Akilan

XI ‘B’

National Centre For Excellence

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