EDUCATION: The Powerful tool

Whenever we use the word education, along with it comes references to its importance, methodology, and most importantly, students’ attitude towards it. This is the most important attribute when talking of education as it is obvious that a student willing to learn, learns better. A student unwilling to learn, doesn’t learn at all.

If we think of the people who are going to make such an impact in our lives, inspiring us to learn, and helping us anytime, anywhere, it has to be our teachers. They make a huge impact in our lives, and after our parents, it is they who help us almost throughout. Now arises the question, how does a teacher help in assisting a student to learn?

The answer to this is obvious, though it may not seem so at first sight.


It is our teachers who inspire us, right from kindergarten till the time we pass out of school. It is our teachers who guide us, right from our early years till the time we are mature enough to go out into the world. It is our teachers who groom us to become a better person, in a humane way. In short, they do everything that is absolutely necessary for us to be ready to explore and stretch the dimensions. In every student lurks a huge talent, a lion waiting patiently to burst forth, and it is our teachers who assist in it bursting forth.

Children’s attitude towards education is a very important characteristic, because it is obvious that education shapes your life. Would you rather start a sweet shop than a business? The answer is, obviously, no. A better and more positive attitude towards education ensures a more positive outcome in your overall life, whereas a devil-may-care attitude towards it can destroy your life. People’s lives can be affected for the worst if we don’t care about education, as it is, as said above, something that shapes your life.

To summarise, education is a very important “word” in itself, and the attitude of students towards it shapes their life. It decides what they become as human beings, and also how successful they are later in their life. And it is indubitably our teachers who assist in our learning, and shaping a positive attitude towards education. Finally, as Nelson Mandela rightly said: “Education is the most powerful weapon. We can use it to change the world.” And within everyone lies this potential to make a huge impact in general and it is up to themselves to channel it.

Ram Padmanabhan,


National Centre For Excellence

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