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    “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” The stunning lustre of dazzling masks, a socially relevant street play presented dramatically, the rustic beat of the soulful melody of the earth and the upbeat moves of the tribal dancers were some of the treasures the talented students of NCFE presented at the VOLKSFIESTA- 2018. Volksfiesta or the people’s festival, an inter-school festival held at Deens Academy, Gunjur on 31st August 2018 was splendidly organised. There was a soul to it- a soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant and a zestful reflection of the theme of ‘Zest.’ It truly developed harmony and healthy environment among the schools. It was indeed a proud moment for NCFE as it was one among 36 schools which participated in the fest and won the Rolling Trophy. There were 20 competitive events and NCFE participated in 17. Our students put in their best and were clear winners with their marvellous performances. The highlights of the show were group events like Fashion Show, Fusion dance, Tribal dance, Folksong, Street play, Battle of Bands and Treasure hunt. Other popular events were Doodle art, photography, stand up comedy, shipwreck, poetry writing, etc. NCFE bagged first and second places in most of the events. The ultimate moment of great pride was when the Rolling Trophy was presented to team NCFE (CVR). The results of the events were decisively in favour of NCFE (CVR). Street play, Fashion show, Doodle art , Folk singing – First place Treasure hunt, photography, product designing – Second place Stand up comedy – Aarya(First place) Best actor improv – Prakul Pandita Shipwreck – Shagnik ( Unique Presentation Award) Shipwreck –Preeti (First place- Best Personality) Congratulations to our super achievers who made the school extremely proud.
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    ATAL Tinkering Lab

    ATL is an approach of the Central government of India to create an environment of scientific temperament, innovation and creativity amongst Indian students . It is a step towards a new India. It provides a platform for the students to solve problems of the community with their innovative ideas and explore the world of advanced technology. National Centre for Excellence became a part of the ATAL Tinkering Lab on the 31st August 2017. 3rd June 2018, NCFE organised an interactive ATL session for the students. The Chief Mentor for change Ms Rekha M Menon, the Chairman and Senior Managing Director of Accenture, interacted with the students and encouraged them to dream big and think out of the box. Mrs. Rekha Menon elaborated that ATL’s primary objective was to enable students to innovate through experiments. She also spoke about her journey of success. She reflected on overcoming the obstacles of failure to embark on a journey of success. She urged the students to treat every failure as a learning step. Several questions were asked by the enthusiastic students of NCFE which were diligently answered by the mentors. Indeed the session provided excellent insight into blockchain technology. Students had a great experience imbibing the inspiration of the mentors. The session opened new vistas of knowledge and prepared students for the futuristic age of technological innovation. Dr Ayesha Chaudhary Mentor ATAL Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog was also a part of the programme.
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    Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work

    Vince Lombardi Leaders are not born but are made by the experiences in life. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of the functioning of the administrative body, every year National Centre for Excellence hosts the Investiture ceremony. This year the investiture ceremony was held on 14th June at the NCFE auditorium. The lighting of the lamp followed by the prayer song marked the beginning of the program. The chief guest squadron leader Koppa. N. Ramakrishna in his speech stressed the fact that a true leader leads from the front. He also stressed the true qualities of a leader and gave advice to the newly elected leaders as to how they can hone their leadership skills. He reminded the newly elected office bearers that with position comes responsibilities. Principal Mrs Susan Barrid conferred the newly elected members with their badges and sashes so that the newly elected leaders take their mantle of responsibilities with pride. The election report was presented by the Assistant Head Boy Prakul Pandita The School Head Boy Raghav Joshi in his speech said how his position carries the hopes and aspiration of the entire school. He also said that he has learnt a lot from the experience that he had in school. He promised to help others unleash their hidden talents. The audience was spellbound when Sadika and Madhura from GradeX sang to the tunes of the song ‘The Climb’, with Manav Biswas on the keyboard and Amog on guitar. Raaga Laasya the school head girl delivered the vote of thanks in the most appropriate manner and the day ended with a positive note with the national anthem.
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    “Play a sport. It will teach you how to win honourably, lose gracefully, respect authority, work with others, manage your time and stay fit.”

    The most awaited event, 11th Annual Sports Day was held on 25th November 2017 in the NCFE school premises. The school ground took a festive look with the fantabulous turnout of parents and the pleasant weather which were the perfect boost for the students on this day.
    The Chief Guest for the day was Chief Operating Officer of our school, Mrs  Sunalini Benjamin.
    The Sports flag was hoisted followed by a March Past by all the four houses. Each house was led by its Captain, Vice-captain. They marched with perfection to the band beat. The chief guest took the flag salute. Later she declared the Annual Sports Meet open and the kids released balloons in the air which represents the dreams of participants to participate and individually reach for the skies in their efforts. The Olympic Torch, which marks the beginning of the event was handed over by the Principal Mrs Susan Barrid to Medhansh of Grade IV ‘E’ for the Olympic run. The torchbearers were our students Medhansh, Manan Jain, Srinidhi, Aradhana and Aarush Laddha who have made the school proud by winning various sports championship at national and international level. The Sports Captain Tavish took the sports Oath. The speciality of this Sports Day was that of “Majority Participation”. All the students from grade I to V took active participation and not a single child was left out which was worth a round of appreciation for the students and the teachers. The theme of our Annual Sports Day this year was “Cycle of Health”. Students of grade I to V participated in displays namely, aerobics, Zumba and exercise drill which was loved and appreciated by the parents. They rocked the ground with their lovely attire, perfect moves and lively music. The hard work of teachers and students for nearly a month has surely left a positive mark on the minds of the audience. The event ended with the Beating Retreat by the school band. They gave a mesmerizing performance followed by the handing over of the sports flag to the Principal until the next sports meet. The sports day ended on a cheerful note after the National Anthem.
    “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs


    Choosing a right career is one of the greatest challenges faced by students. Choosing and charting the course of one’s career is of increasing importance in today’s fast-paced and challenging work environments. Career guidance is an area that has been seldom dealt with in schools wherein students are guided towards making a career choice. However, in the present scenario of competition and constantly changing employment options and requirements, it is essential for schools to support students in High School, guiding them towards opportunities based on the skills and strengths of each unique child. It is with this objective that National Centre For Excellence organised a Career Guidance Session for High school parents and students on 18th November 2017.
    To take us through the session we were extremely obliged to have amidst us Mr. Suresh Kalyanpur who is the Founder and Managing Director of the Human Resource Centre for Training & Development Pvt Ltd. HRC and who was our Chief Guest for the session. Mrs. Sunalini Benjamin, Chief Operating Officer, Vijay Kiran Group of Institutions and Mrs.Susan Barrid, Principal NCFE were also present.
    The welcome note introduced Mr. Suresh Kalyanpur whose professional career spans four decades and blends both academic and corporate experience spread across India, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore.
    His passion is working with teenagers and young adults, providing them with vocational guidance and counselling with a view to helping them choose their career paths and improve their focus on their future.
    The mission of his organisation, HRC is to help individuals and organisations transform themselves to be outstanding performers.
    The session commenced with Mr. Kalyanpur pointing out the extreme importance of choosing the right career and identifying the skills and aptitudes in guiding students through the right career choices.
    In his presentation, he spoke extensively about sociometric tests for identifying the skill sets, areas of interest and individual aptitudes and abilities which would be of invaluable help in choosing the right career.
    The administration of the fifteen-factor questionnaire Plus which provides an in-depth assessment of individual strengths and development needs was also discussed.
    Occupational Interest Profiles with comprehensive reports would also help in deciding on the right career options. A number of case studies were also discussed in details. The last hour was an interactive session where parents and students sought clarifications on a variety of topics. Some value based issues also came up during the session. The session provided a holistic and comprehensive guidance to parents and students intimidated by the confusing maze of career options.
    November 14th is a day of eager anticipation for the children of India. It is a day dedicated to our children. The day is specially marked to spread awareness about the rights of our children and ensure that the basic rights like Health and Education are guaranteed to them. It is also a day when we recollect their constant chatter and twinkling laughter, their mischievous pranks that make us smile even as they test our patience supremely and reflect on their curious, imaginative, fanciful and wondrous minds which never cease to amaze us. Our children dare to reinvent every canvas they come across and fill it with nouveau colors and breathe life into every nook and corner they trod on. They are future world citizens on whose shoulders rest the hopes and aspirations of the entire world.

    Bal Diwas or Children’s day extols the power and vivacity of our children. It is celebrated as Bal Diwas on 14th November every year to mark the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Initially, this special day was celebrated on 20th November to coincide with Universal Children’s Day as mandated by the United Nations.
    This much awaited day was celebrated at the National Centre For Excellence on November 14th, where teachers honed their performing skills and presented a cultural show for their dear students which also aimed to instil and reinforce certain basic values.
    The programme commenced with a prayer song by Mrs. Susan Barrid, Principal, NCFE followed by the thought of the day. The news was presented by NCFE teachers who were introduced as students of Indian Institute Of Mass Communication. Two entertaining songs by NCFE teachers delighted the students.
    The Comedy Show had them in splits but also imparted a message of ‘Eating Healthy and Staying Healthy’. It was also a caveat against the insincere people who lurk around us.
    The innovatively scripted skit charted the course of a student’s life from Primary to Middle and then to the Secondary. It emphasized the great concern that teachers have for the well-being of students. The skit reinforced the value of discipline in a student’s life.
    The dance performance by our talented teachers to a medley of popular numbers was applauded by the students.
    The final event was a glitzy fashion show by the fashion divas of NCFE which showcased the different traditional costumes epitomising the varied cultures of India. The thunderous applause that followed was a fitting end to the grand show.
    The programme was inspired by the mutually interactive and enriching learning experiences happening at NCFE throughout the year. As Angela Schwindt has put it “while we teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is about.” Children’s Day at NCFE was a day of great joy and happiness which made everyone rejoice in the simple pleasures of childhood.
    Our team has been awarded the runners-up trophy for the CBSE national level tournament. It is a great achievement indeed. Congratulations to the team…
    Master Anirudh Rajeev of Grade XII & Master Bhuvan Rajesh of Grade X
    “Some say fate is beyond our command but I know better. Our destiny is written by us. You just have to be brave enough to see it.” 


    15th August 1947, India attained independence and broke free from British colonialism after centuries of struggle and countless sacrifices made by freedom fighters. It is the day when the people of India come together to pay homage to the freedom fighters and legends who valiantly fought for our country. In keeping with the sombre sentiments of the occasion, the students of National Centre For Excellence put together a spectacular show which showcased the cultural treasure trove of our country and also highlighted the magnificent achievements of NCFE students.
    Our esteemed guests, Mr. Kiran Vijay, Director Business Development, Ms. Keerthi Vijay, Director HR and Curriculum, Mrs. Sunalini Benjamin, Chief Coordinating Officer, Mrs. Shymala Ullas, Early Foundation Head, Mrs. Susan Barrid, Principal, National Centre For Excellence, Mrs. Simi Sheffi, Vice Principal International Centre For Excellence, Vice Principals National Centre For Excellence Mrs. Smitha Menon and Ms. Mary Elizabeth graced the occasion. They were escorted by our dignified NCFE band which instilled patriotic fervour with their well-orchestrated music.
    As the tunes and colours of the National Anthem and the Tricolor combined harmoniously it was a proud moment for NCFE. The school Newsletter put together by NCFE students was released by Mr. Kiran Vijay, Director Business Development.
    A remarkable speech delivered by Vice Principal, National Centre For Excellence Mrs. Smitha Menon traced a significant link between the first year and the 71st year of Independence. A photograph which nurtured the spirit of Independence in the city shows Damodara Reddy and Nelappa Reddy, our Chairman Dr.N Vijaya Kumar’s father jubilant with the victory in the freedom struggle triumphantly marching around Domlur with the National Flag on a bamboo pole. The photograph and the memories strengthen the strong connection that the Vijay Kiran Group Of institutions have with our freedom struggle. School head girl, Sneha Ramanan delivered a zealous speech highlighting the grand achievements of India in the past year.
    In a magnificent display by 300 students the colours of our freedom blended with the esteemed symbol of the Vijay Kiran Group of Institutions. This amazing formation of VKG which is the proud symbol of our Vijay Kiran Group of Institutions truly reflects our vision to be an excellent forerunner in empowering our students to be successful self-learners, who will use their acquired values, skills and knowledge to full potential and contribute to the larger community.
    The Students presented a spectacular and vibrant performance of beautiful Indian dance forms like the Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Kathakali, Ghoomer and Bhangra epitomizing the rich diversity of our country. These traditional forms were fused with contemporary dance forms to reflect the rich culture of assimilation. The choir rendered a melodious patriotic song which enthralled the audience.
    The students of NCFE always aim to win. NCFE proudly felicitated the super achievers for their splendid accomplishments. Students from the primary section who did extremely well in the Olympiads and in Chess tournaments were felicitated. The prize winners at the DPS Impressions, a cultural extravaganza hosted by the DPS North, the winners of the various Model United Nations conducted throughout the city and the winners of the Round Glass Samsara Festival, an environmental summit, concert and art exhibition were felicitated. The notable participants at the NPS Hacakathon were also honoured. Students who won various Sports Championships were felicitated.
    The Programme was concluded with a vote of thanks.
    The children of grade 8 performed an Investigative Activity on sugar as a part of the weekly Science Club Activities.
    Many food items available in the market contain different types of sugar. Overconsumption of the same can lead to health problems due to excess sugar in the human body.
    The students analyzed the sugar contents of various food products that we use in our day to day life and made a report of the same. The students came to the conclusion that they should prefer having plant-based food products like berries and whole grains over food products like carbonated drinks and junk food.

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