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National Centre For Excellence has been conceived to be a model and an icon, for excellence in school education. The school aims at imparting holistic education to our children and inculcate in them the spirit of scientific temper, democratic values and patriotism to face the challenges of life.

As per the vision of our former President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, if our country has to become a developed nation by 2020, the responsibility is on the schools to prepare our children to fulfill the vision 2020 . National Centre For Excellence is dedicated to this mission.

We solicit the cooperation and support of parents in accomplishing our mission, as partners in our progress.


  • Literary Club Activities:   Students from std I to XII get an opportunity to hone and showcase their literary talent, communication ability and hold over the language.

  • Science Club Activities:   Offers scope for innovative minds to brainstorm and create effective, user friendly models that enable learning scientific concepts in a simple, practical manner.

  • Social science Club:  The school offers its students opportunities to exhibit their artistic abilities painting, clay modeling, origami and free hand drawing are encouraged.

  • Sports Club:  Helps channelize the abundant physical energy that students posses and coaches them in various sporting and physical training activities which instill values of team spirit and sportsmanship.

  • Music Club:  Lends melody and charm by encouraging the musical talent of the individual – be it instrumental or vocal music.

  • Yoga:  is a part of the daily life of the students in NCFE; enabling physical fitness and mental composure.

Environment Day, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day celebrations are an integral part of the activities with the Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations, marking their patriotic fervour.


  • Investiture Ceremony
  • Independence Day celebrations
  • Teacher’s Day celebration
  • Children’s  Day
  • Inter-House Events (Cultural & Literary )
  • Graduation Day
  • Republic Day

    • Library:
      The school boasts of an excellent collection of books catering to all levels and age groups.

    • Science Labs:
      State-of-the –art, well equipped and spacious labs catering to physical, chemical and life sciences.

    • Maths Lab:
      Tickles the inquisitive minds of the students: models in the labs help learn abstract concepts in a simple, effective manner.

    • Audio Visual (AV) Room:  A spacious AV room which is extensively used to enable visual and aural learning.

    • Auditorium:
      A huge auditorium with the latest sound and light systems to support all cultural and academic activities.

    The school undertakes various workshops and enrichment programmes to nurture and hone the competence of its teachers in the fields of pedagogy, use of technology and activity based learning.