“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

– Mark van Doren

Teacher is a person who enlightens, guides, facilitates knowledge into students irrespective of caste creed and status. They are called using various names such has guru, acharya , master , mentor, sensei etc… but the end goal of every teacher is impart knowledge to everyone around.

Teachers are kept in highest pedestal in every society as they are the people, who create the next generation of ideal citizen in every society. Hindu religion for generations has given teacher the 3rd most important position in an individual’s life after the parents.

It is said that student doesn’t choose his teacher, it is teacher who choose his students because only a teacher can identify the deficit of knowledge in every student and can fill the vacuum by imparting or teaching the right set of knowledge and values to the students.

During the Vedic period, students were sent to schools called gurukul, it was place were student has stay away from their family and learn everything about the society, science, warfare etc… This was done because teacher time was considered to be valuable and thus it is the students who need to approach the teacher to gain knowledge. This also kept the students focused during their training period.

Over 5000 years the things have changed so is the status and relation of the teacher and student. Today teaching is a process that facilitates learning. A day in the life of a teacher can vary greatly depending on the subject and grade level in which they teach. From Kindergarten to high school and special education to statistics, one theme runs consistently throughout every great teacher’s career: their job does not end with the education institute.

Today’s teacher is not merely meant to stand in front classroom and impart knowledge, there boundary have gone way beyond the classroom in to the daily lives of student and their effects to community around. During the Vedic period a student was expected to know everyone but be a master in one area which wasidentified by the teacher but today world teachers are expected to make student masters in all the subjects. Such is the burden of teacher which is has been whole heartily accepted by person who wishes to do some good to the society.

Today teacher are the pall bearers of the all good and bad happening in the society,which is why I choose to become teacher. Once you become a teacher, you care about everything the education, the system, the students, and the society. I strongly believe that teaching isn’t just about learning the curriculum – it’s about teaching values of life.


Chandra Iyer

National Centre For Excellence

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