kidsI, I am solely responsible,

for letting me be part for your voyage.

A crossing that will see many a turn,

a passage to the world that is unknown.


Shine bright on us, Helios,

never dampening our spirits, in the gloom to come.

Illuminate our paths, Selene

So that we seek help from none as servile.


Let there be seasons nevertheless,

they always guide never more nor less.

The child in me wants to sail,

To a shore that has seldom seen gale.


girlOh! My child, be careful, gentle and kind,

To the world in you and in others, alright.

Every emotion and feeling you endure

Will make you an able being and not uptight.


A space that is devoid of confinement, a fearless mind,

a ground not so rigid, is all I ask.

To explore, express and gather without boundaries,

Because I, I am solely responsible for who I will be.


Submitted by: DEEPA R, English Faculty, NCFE